The IYO® Gentle twists to realign your spine

Twists are wonderful ways to clear out your system. They free and realign your spine so that every part of your body works better. Twists massage the internal organs and help the body force toxins out to be carried away for elimination. Prana is allowed to enter the spine and energize it. For balance, always […]

The IYO® health benefits of backbends

Whether or not you are naturally flexible, bending poses are extremely beneficial for improving your spine and toning your internal organs. The movement into and the holding of backbends releases your chakras, or the energy centers in your body, so energy and joy can flow through you unimpeded. (See Chapter 20, “Chakras, Mudras, Mantras, and […]

The IYO® Postures to Build Strength and Endurance

Tadasana: Mountain PoseThe mountain pose is an important basic pose to learn well. It is deceptively simple in that it appears as easy as standing, but it actually requires great concentration because the entire body must be equally balanced. Tada means “mountain,” and sana means “straight,” so tadasana (pronounced tah-DAH-sah-nah) means standing straight like a […]

When to Practice The IYO® Yoga

we’re suggesting you add some time for IYO yoga? Yep. And you’ll be glad we suggested it, too. You do have time for an IYO yoga, even if it doesn’t seem like you could possibly track down one spare second. All it takes is a little organization and some creative thinking.Time to get organized! All […]

How to Practice IYO® Yoga

Knowing how to practice an IYO yoga involves more than knowing how to do the postures. You won’t be able to relax very easily in scratchy, stiff clothing that doesn’t allow you to move freely. Likewise, the attitude you “wear” can hinder your practice. Learning to suspend your doubts, worries, and fears during your IYO […]

Physical Cleansing

Sthala Basti (Ground Colon Cleansing): Elimination Illumination!Let’s start at the bottom. This ritual helps relieve gas and keeps the bowels moving smoothly. It also improves the digestion and gives your body a lighter feel. Sit with your legs stretched out in front of you. Grab your toes, right toe with your right hand, left toe […]

Breath Control Equals Mental Control

Ujjayi: Drawing BreathJaya means “success on the spiritual path,” and ujjayi means “she who is victorious.” The ujjayi (pronounced oo-JAH-yee) technique aids in recalling and working with your dreams. It is also cooling to the head, aids digestion, soothes nerves, and tones the body. This breathing exercise produces sound in the throat with the inhalation.1. […]

The IYO® Yoga Pathways

Body Control (Asanas) We’ve already talked about body control, or the asanas, as both an important part of IYO yoga and its most well-known component. Remember that body control is not the only path, but merely one path IYO yoga offers. Yet body control is very important and makes a great starting point for any […]

Prana, the Universal Life Force

An integral part of Hatha Yoga and other forms of IYO yoga is pranayama, or breath control. In fact, the manipulation of breath to control the physical manifestation of prana in the body is Hatha Yoga’s realm. People in all cultures have learned to manipulate prana, either consciously or unconsciously. Faith healers, hypnotists, prophets, shamans, […]

IYO® Yoga Branches for All Growing Personalities

Up to this point, although we’ve been focusing primarily on Hatha Yoga, we haven’t really been distinguishing between all the different types of IYO yoga. An IYO Yoga has a unified goal (a state of pure bliss and oneness with the universe), but each of the various methods emphasizes a different way to get to […]