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Name of Author: Kameshwari Gummaj

Location: Vizianagaram

Details: “Life is a celebration! Choose to be Happy”-

Holi is a celebration that spells joy for more than most of us. It is a festival of colours. We are all aware of the story associated with this festival. Let us take a closer look at it-

The Story of Holi

The infamous king Hiranyakashyap was a self-conceited king. Self-professed God! He wanted his people and kingdom to worship him. This king had a pious son- Prahalad who was an eager devotee of Lord Narayana. He frequently used to chant “om namo narayanaya” and this angered the king greatly.

The kind had a sister named Holika. She was empowered with a distinctive gift by the Gods. She had the ability to subsist fire. King in his arrogance decided to destroy his own son Prahalad. He asked holika to take his little son prahalad and sit on a burning pyre. Prahalad was unharmed and Holika burnt to ashes.

Hiranyakashyap king represents gross soul that is bound by materialistic world and wanted joy from it. Here Prahalad exemplifies faith, bliss and unwavering bhakti towards Lord Narayana.

We could learn from this –burn your ego and you’re past. Do not let the emotions like a pyre consume you. Learn to burn your desires instead. Purify your soul and balance your mind for a fresh start with deep faith. Then, life becomes a celebration.

Holi Happiness Yoga

Different colours used during the festival-
Now, we all know all colors come from white colour (we all have used the prism to split white light or to separate sunlight into different colours in childhood.) And what happens when you mix different colours, end result black colour. Similarly, we all have bright peaceful white side to us and a dark black side in our consciousness as well. Thus, Contemplation and meditation are required to diminish the black and boost the white, by aligning our consciousness from time to time.

Colours used during the festival can be related to different people or different lives we all lead. Each one of us is different, yet each colour shines brightly gives us joy and when played together makes life joyous and colourful. So each one of us is unique and different and we all have our own special place out in this world.

This Holi let us all do our bit to spread the joy within and celebrate life.
Happy Holi wishes from The Yoga Institute! Celebrate life this holi!

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