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Name of Author: Rhythmic Power Yoga Shiksha Samiti

Location: Indore,India

Details: Rhythmic Power Yoga Shiksha Samiti is the IYS®-International Yoga School in the hearts of Indore.

Master Barun Kushwah is one of the greatest Yoga Teachers, with Ancient traditions of Yoga. IYO® congratulates Meenu Malviya on the IYT® certification held at Rhythmic Power Yoga Shiksha Samiti in Indore. IYO® deeply appreciate your nice gestures on this occasion. We are sure that good wishes bring you all happiness. With best wishes.


Becoming a certified IYT®-International Yoga Teacher has many benefits-


1) Increased knowledge and understanding of Yoga & Yoga Asanas

2) Ability to teach Yoga classes professionally & with renowned IYT® certification.

3) Improved credibility in the Yoga community & Listing of the World’s biggest Yoga Directory of IYT®-International Yoga Teachers

4) Opportunities for Yoga career advancement in 195 countries. Srushti Mehta

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