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Name of the Author: DR.KAVITHA MOAHAN (AUM YOGA)

Mobile Number: +91 86672 02325

Email Address: dr.kavitha.aumyoga@gmail.com

Location: Chennai

News Details: Magnificent book launch by Dr.Kavitha Moahan from Chennai. Traditional Aerial Yoga by Dr. Kavitha Moahan provides the beginners with absolutely easy to follow directions. For practitioners, aerial yoga / thotil provides a special space to focus on strength, balance, endurance, and courage.
Although the prospect of movement can seem infinite, it can be challenging for teachers and home practitioners to walk the line between healthy and demanding movement. Through tough exercises for a total body workout, this book can lead any level of a yoga teacher. With this fully illustrated manual, explore your aerial yoga practice.
A lot of exercises for balance, defense, breath, movement, and ways to make your practice enjoyable step by step! Using your swing as a hammock, back sling, foot sling, hand sling, and seat belt wrap, learn how to condition your body.

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